CANHC: Canaidan Association of Nuclear Hosts

CAHNC is in the process of digitizing its records. Check back soon for updates. Below are a number of legacy documents.

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Kathryn Shaver, V/P, NWMO presentation on the progress of site selection for Deep Geological Repository 

Dr. Michael Binder, President and CEO, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission presentation regarding the role and responsibilities of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) 

Submission to the CNSC with Respect to the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station; Public Hearing 

Oral Presentation to the Joint Review Panel for the Darlington Nuclear New Build Project 

- Submission To The CNSC With Respect To The Port Hope Licensing Hearing

Standing Committee On Natural Resources November 27, 2007

Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities Bylaw 2011

Media Release July 18, 2007