CANHC: Canaidan Association of Nuclear Hosts

What is the CANHC?

The CANHC is a not-for-profit association that has been established to provide a forum through which communities who have nuclear-related operations within or in close proximity to their municipal boundaries to discuss issues and concerns of mutual interest.

What is the CANHC Mission?Meeting

To ensure that the Nuclear Host Communities maintain the best interests of their communities in an ongoing proactive relationship with the Canadian nuclear industries and regulators.

Principle Objective

  1. To promote the common interests of the member of nuclear host communities;
  2. To promote and enhance members’ lobbying efforts at senior levels of government or otherwise;
  3. To prepare the local officials of municipal members for negotiation with the nuclear industry and regulators.

Secondary Objectives

  1. To gather and share information about nuclear generation and related matters;
  2. To share the experiences of the member nuclear host communities to further enable the Association to achieve its principal objectives;
  3. To gather and share perspectives of members of the Association regarding nuclear generation and related matters.

Chair: Mayor Adrian Foster

Vice-Chair: Mayor Anne Eadie